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Story of Shiloh

Past and Present

Shiloh Christian School opened in 1978 with 47 students, and has now grown to about 560 students in Pre-K through 12th grade. Shiloh moved into a permanent 20-acre campus on Shiloh Drive in 1996. In 2003, Shiloh expanded its facilities by adding a second building. This building includes a gymnasium, stage/auditorium and classes for fourth through twelfth-grade students. The smaller-original building is now accommodating students in Pre-Kindergarten through third grade. Enrollment has grown 44 percent over the past four years, and Shiloh is currently undergoing a multiphase construction project which will add needed classroom space and a fine arts complex to accommodate the growing student body and meet their academic and extracurricular needs. A Commons area and an athletic complex have already been completed as part of this project.

Why We Chose the Name Shiloh

The term “Shiloh” was the place name of an Old Testament city which was the first established worship center in Israel (Judges 18:31).  It was there that an annual pilgrimage of God’s people ended in worship of Israel’s God, Yahweh (Judges 21:19; 1 Sam. 1:3).  Samuel, a leader of God’s people, was brought to the house of the Lord at Shiloh that his whole life would be given over to the Lord.  There the Lord revealed himself to Samuel through His word so that Samuel would minister before the Anointed One always (1 Sam. 1:28, 2:35).  Shiloh Christian School, like its Old Testament counterpart, provides a place where God is revealed through His Word, giving the standard for all instruction.

Mission Statement

Shiloh Christian is a private, interdenominational school established
to provide students with "Academic Excellence on a Christian Foundation"
teaching them to know, love and serve God.