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Lunch Information

Hot Lunch Menus are located in Parents Web under "Resource Documents" and also at the top of the Shiloh website. These are updated as new schedules are made available.


  • Students will now be required to have 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetables on their tray for it to count as a full meal.  Please tell your student about this to avoid any embarrassment in the lunch line, as they will be sent back until they have met the requirement.  We plan to offer a variety of fruits and vegetables on the salad bar to give the students more selections.
  • The amount of food and calories offered at each meal will be based on three different age groups; grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  You'll see that on the menus, many of our items are the same, but portion sizes and recipes will be designed to meet the specific age groups.
  • We need to offer 1/2 cup of fruit to grades K-8 and 1 cup of fruit to grades 9-12.
  • We need to offer 3/4 cup of vegetables to grades K-8 and 1 cup of vegetables to grades 9-12.
  • We are now limited as to how much meat/meat alternative (cheese, yogurt, peanut butter) and grains we can offer.  We have to stay within the specified ranges for each age group.  This means main entrees may not be as large as they have been.  Remember, though, that there are more fruits and vegetables available than before.  We can offer extra meat and bread if we consider it a la carte.  Typically a la carte items would need to be charged to all students.  At the beginning of this school year, Shiloh will cover the costs of these items and keep track of consumption.  This may be changed at a later date.  Notice will be sent to all families as they may each (including free and reduced lunch students) be charged for any second helpings, etc when if that decision is made.

Other details:

  • Half of all grains offered must be whole grain rich.
  • We must offer vegetables from the following groups each week:  dark green, orange/red, beans, starchy, and other vegetables.  We'll meet this requirement by serving fresh veggies on the salad bar, switching all lettuce to romaine, and offering beans, legumes. 

How You Can Help:

  • Encourage your children to try new things at home and school.
  • Join your child for lunch.
  • If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.  We hope to make your child's lunch experience a good one!

Free and Reduced Hot Lunch Program


Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications are available to all families who believe they may qualify for free or reduced price meals. If your family chooses to apply, please contact Mrs. Kristen Kihle at



Hot Lunch Prices


Please note the breakfast and hot lunch prices for the 2016–2017 school year. One milk is included with each hot lunch meal. Extra milk can be purchased with hot lunch, cold lunch, or at preschool or kindergarten snack time. One carton is $.30.



Meal: (A breakfast meal consists of 3-4 items and MUST include a fruit product (fruit or fruit juice.) If more than 4 items are taken, a la carte price will apply to each item over the fourth.


PreK – 12:   $1.75

A la carte breakfast: $0.70 / item



Preschool $2.50
K-5 $3.00
6-12 $3.50

Adults/Guests $4.15

Mission Statement

Shiloh Christian is a private, interdenominational school established
to provide students with "Academic Excellence on a Christian Foundation"
teaching them to know, love and serve God.