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2015-2016 Enrollment
All of our families enrolling early have been contacted.
Shiloh Christian Preschool will begin enrolling to the public, for the 2015-2016 school year on February 2.
Please click here to start the enrollment process!

Our Program
Shiloh's preschool program provides a loving, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate educational experience for your child that is based on our founding principles.

 Our goal is that your child:

        • Sees the world around them through God's point of view
        • Grows in the grace and knowledge of Jesus
        • Excels academically and learns to accept and respond appropriately to others
        • Improves verbal, listening and perceptual skills
        • Develops large and small, motor skills
        • Adopts a positive self-image

Preschool is the first step in your child's formal learning experience. We hope to make this a special time, one of fun exploration in a safe, Christ-centered environment.  If you have any questions regarding Shiloh's Preschool Program, please feel free to contact our Preschool Director, Tiffany Dahl.

Find out how to get your child(ren) Enrolled in a Shiloh Preschool Program.